Social Reputation

5-Steps To Managing Your Social Reputation

One of the most important elements of the interaction between our company and our
customers is our social reputation.
Social reputation determines how others perceive the company or activity when they
search for it online and on social networks.
So let’s see 5 simple steps to better manage our Social Reputation.
As for everyday life, even for our company we can know what people think about us
and about our work.
Whether we like it or not, even if we decide not to be present in the social world,
people continue to talk, for good and especially bad, who we are and what we do.
It is impossible to stay out of the web world so it is better to be present in the best
way and do everything to leave the best in the virtual world.
The web and social media can help us to present ourselves to the best and to bring out
our characteristics, not only personal but above all professional.
What is called "digital reputation" determines how others perceive our company or
our business when they search online.
Most consumers rely on their online reviews and about 49% of consumers need a
rating of at least four stars before trusting a brand, product or company.
The question arises: How can we manage and improve our digital reputation?
To monitor and improve our social reputation we have to follow some tips.
Social networks create new ways to interact with web users every day and it is
important to pay proper attention to them.

1. The first rule is not to use all social media!

this strategy could be dispersive if not treated in detail.
So it is better to choose some targeted social media on which to create a specific
circle for our brand.
One of the first steps is to check your social reputation to understand what the users
think about us.
By entering the name of our brand on Google, we will see the links related to the
profiles on Facebook or Instagram.
Through these social we can read the comments and view the geo localizations, to
understand the flow of visitors and especially the opinions of users.
Among the most important choices is choosing who wants to be online.

2. We need to decide what we want others to think about our company.

If we want others to see us as experts in the field, we must choose the best channels
for our audience by publishing interesting, current and complete content in
responding to the doubts and requests of users.

3. Another very important element

Constantly monitor the activity of all the
subjects who talk about our brand on social media.

4. All the components of our company must follow the guidelines that trace the
identity of the brand.

The best way to make your employees aware is to create an internal Social Media Policy,
where you explain in detail how employees behave on their private profiles,
especially if they are related to the brand.
The Social Media Policy was created to minimize any damage to the image that the
company may suffer due to inadequate and incorrect use of social media.

5. To maintain our trust in us and above all in our company

we must plan actions and contents in a precise and specific way.
We therefore need an effective strategy that can provide the right choice of social
channels to be present, content and topics on which the company or brand wants to

Having the right social reputation means leaving nothing to chance.
If we want the brand to stop the positions on the first page of Google, we need to
enhance the contents of the blog, creating valuable content and keeping an eye on the